changes to summer 2020

After prayer, consulting together as a staff, as well as consulting with several other student pastors in the area. We have decided to cancel all ministry activities for Youth and Children in the month of June.  

This includes Beach Camp 2020.


There are several reasons for this, but I wanted to briefly mention 3.


Meals: After contacting our usual food supplier for camp in the Panama City area they are unable to guarantee that there will be enough supplies/food items for all meals that groups our size will need in the month of June.  We also want to help that community by making sure all food supplies can be used for community residents in need rather than us.  Restaurant catering as well as even being able to eat inside a mall on the way down, are uncertain.


Health & Safety: It is impossible to enforce any kind of social distancing regulations at Laguna Beach Christian Retreat. The inside spaces are fairly close quarters. As for outside spaces, students will be in regular contact with other students from all over the country on basketball courts, pools, etc.  There is simply no way to know who our students may or may not come into contact with and the health situation of that person/group.


Church & Community Precautions: Our other summer trip, SLU 101, has already canceled in-person gatherings for the month of June.  WinShape Camps has cancelled their entire summer.  VBS is moving to the month of July. The other Youth Pastors I have consulted are not planning any events in the month of June.  We as a staff and community want to be sure we are taking all precautions necessary in the month of June to ensure the safety of our students and members


My Hope For July

In light of this I am hoping to put together a series of activities in the month of July. Possibilities include: PVN Volleyball Tournament, Slip and Slide Kickball, Ultimate Frisbee/BBQ, etc.  Possibly even a night of worship.  These would be on our campus in a controlled environment.  This is obviously depending on the health situation of our community and government regulations at the time.


Financial Options for Parents

In terms of finances we have worked to ensure the following options:  

1. We are happy to provide a full refund.

2. You can take your current payment/deposit and we will put it towards any of our 2021 Youth trips (SLU, Beach Camp, Collide, Passion (Seniors), Etc).


Valentines Banquet Earnings

We are also securing and rolling over any Valentines Day Banquet money you have used to pay for SLU 101 or Beach Camp.  The students worked hard for that money so we want to be sure it is not lost.  It will be held and can be used for any trips through summer 2021.


I know this is not an ideal situation.  We as a staff have weighed all options and have been discussing for weeks.  The safety of your students will always be our highest priority.  It is our hope that we can provide excellent ministry experiences for them in the month of July.  Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions at all!